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Messika Paris: The Atelier of Dreams

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Messika Paris: The Atelier of Dreams

November 15, 2018

Designed in a contemporary and haute couture style Messika diamonds are easy to wear, they are comfortable and applicable!

Valerie Messika, the creator of luxury French jewellery brand Messika Joaillerie, embodies her designs: sparkling, luminescent and transcendent.

The diamond brand’s collections vary from medium to high price points making the beautiful pieces more accessible and appealing to all ages.

« The emotion appears when the imagination becomes real. »

As Valérie Messika writes these words, she does not yet know that her dream will come to life under the roof of a Parisian apartment building in the very heart of the capital.
The challenge is to enhance the spirit of the Maison, juggling tradition and modernity, within a special world which has placed Messika among the great names of fine jewelry.

An accomplished business woman, she sees the atelier as a creative environment where ideas take shape, a special space where inspiration takes form.


Fostering a femininity that is simultaneously elegant, rock and assertive, Valérie Messika unveils a new facet of the Move collection with Noa. Featured in the company’s latest advertising campaign shot by Mikael Jansson with Malgosia Bela, Move Noa has a decidedly sensual appeal.

Iconic design

Move Noa jewellery stands out for its design. Like a ribbon, Noa jewellery pieces twine delicately and comfortably around wrist and finger.

In its gold or paved version, the Move Noa bangle stands out with its simple lines, gleaming solid gold and sparkling diamonds as an indispensable addition to the jewellery box.

• Worn on its own, its timeless elegancemakes for an everyday look that is both stylish and casual.
• When worn together for a truly trendy effect, Move Noa, Kate, Spiky and Liz mingle to create a unique composition of peerless, supremely exquisite jewellery.

Simplicity and elegance, combined with the sparkling rhythm of the diamonds as they respond to the wearer’s every movement, make the Move Noa rings and bangles a MUST-HAVE!

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